Flattened Cheeks

Cheek contouring generally means to accentuate the appearance and shape of cheeks. It typically refers to the enhancement of cheekbones, whereas facial contouring can be used to emphasise the temples, nose, jawline, and even the forehead.

The cheek area is called the midface and this is the main anchor of the face. The cheeks determine the structure of the surrounding features. During the young age our cheeks are supported in place and in structure by fat pads that are bound in place by collagen and elstin. As we reach our mid to late twenties our bodies stop producing collagen and our daily living habits and genes further depletes collagen and elastin. The fat pads therefore result in shifting and moving downwards towards the pull of gravity. This leaves the body with hallow sunken eyes, deep naso labial folds, deflated cheeks and pilling up of jowls. The skin looses its elasticity and become wrinkly and dull. Dermal fillers replace the lost structure and restores volume leading to lifting up of the face. Dermal fillers can make the cheeks pop up and create a high cheek bone, also where there is asymmetry of the face dermal fillers can achieve symmetry.