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Acne presents in 4 grades, one need to understand the grade they are in for effective treatment.

Grade 1

This is the mildest form of acne. Grade 1 consists of blackheads mostly on the nose and a few papules which are small can be less than 10, red breakouts typically found on the cheeks. These breakouts are minimal and tend to be occasional.

Grade 2

Grade 2 is  considered moderate acne and is characterized by blackheads, papules and pustules, can be up to 20 lesions. They present usually on the nose, cheeks, and chin. This is usually the stage  where  scarring begins.

Grade 3

The number of papules and pustules is increased significantly. There is swelling and scarring is more significant. The lesions are all over the face, chest and even on the back and upper arms.

Grade 4

It is the most severe form of acne usually  accompanied by cyst and its painful.  The skin is covered by an extreme number of pustules and edema. The scarring is severe.


​​​​Types of treatment

- Laser/IPL

- Microdermabrasion

- Chemical peels

- LED light.