Fat freezing/Cryolipolysis

You can reshape, redefine and re-contour your body non-surgically with little downtime!


Cryolipolysis/Fat Freezing

What is Fat freezing/Cryolipolysis

Cool sculpting is the world's most recent popular, non invasive body contouring procedure for both men and women.  Most of us over the age of 20 have some areas of fat that diet and exercise does not shift. Fortunately there are new methods of reducing excess fat from our bodies. Fat freezing is a procedure can be done over lunch time, no downtime. Fat cells are frozen before for a period of time in the aim to reduce them and it's a non surgical alternative to liposuction.

This procedure originated  after a research done into frost bite and it was noted that fat cells would freeze before skin freezes. Clinical finding on the effectiveness of cryolipolysis were published in  the journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, reporting ''Caliper measurements demonstrate 23 % reduction in fat layer thickness at 3 month''

The procedure can selectively target anywhere, such as



back(bra bulges),



Fat freezing; Does it hurt

 Fat freezing is non-invasive and non surgical  and Simetics Beauty spares no pleasure to ensure you have a pleasant experience. Every persons's experience is unique but majority of clients say they felt comfortable.

How long will my results last

 Most fat removal procedures and cellulite treatments temporarily shrink fat but fat freezing is scientifically proven to freeze fat away effectively making it achieves long lasting and durable results. Cryolipolysis does not, however, negate the need to eating healthy and exercise. Diet and exercise is recommended to optimize your results and maintain your slimmed look.